An honest, open & flexible approach

Our approach is simple: deliver a video that works...

We do that by being totally flexible. Naturally, we use all the right kit. But the technology isn’t the point. The brief and the budget are.

Gone are the days when video production was a linear process. Now, flexibility, speed and nimble thinking are key.

We specialise in enabling agencies to offer a full range of video marketing content – in all styles – that makes the most of all available channels, from the traditional to the emerging.

Moving pictures have always been powerful – and always will be.

We like to work with people who get that, and are committed to making the most of the medium, and when you work with us you will get maximum value.

Video marketing gets you closer to your clients

Video marketing projects help agencies deliver value to their clients and forges deeper relationships.

The production process – from brief to script through to editing – is intensely collaborative.

We believe in getting clients involved. They invest more than money and time in the project. They become part of the team. And that fosters long term relationships.

We’ll add to your existing capabilities, or act of your dedicated video function.

Whatever suits. 

''Thank you SugarSnap for another first class project delivery. The Introducer Video project has surpassed my expectations in terms of quality. Superb piece of work''

Our promise

We will make video a valuable asset to your clients.

To do that we will give you 100% support: flexible costing, 24/7 support just a call away, creative input if and when you need it, or just make the video and deliver it.

Your client is YOUR client. We establish boundaries and respect them.

The object is to enable YOU to deliver video that works – whichever way suits.

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