Making the right video, for every client

Video is more powerful than ever before

It's a multi-channel world and your clients need content to make the most of them all. As a video production company we create quality, engaging content. Content that matches today's budgets.

That's all we do.

We work with companies who understand the power and potential of corporate video in the digital age, and work hard (and smart) to maximise the potential of every pound (or euro or dollar) available.

That's why companies like yours come to rely on our video production. We become part of your team or take on the whole project. Either way we deliver videos that have impact.

Your creative, our creative or a combination of the two.

The objective is always to give clients what they need, want and sometimes dream about. Moving pictures have always been powerful and always will be.

More of our work

A unique production company

SugarSnap are a specialist  video production company. We provide a range of video production services for businesses in Reading, Oxford and Berkshire.

We offer a service that is unique and between us. We work to add an increased level of value to your customers. 

As a creative production company we have strong values. These underpin our skills in helping businesses communicate with video production. Trust, openness and honesty. 

''You always feel a part of the process and I think that makes a difference to the overall experience and end product''

Corporate video production that engages your customers