Welcome To SugarSnap


Welcome to SugarSnap, Digital Media Specialists

Video Production for PR, Web, Design, Social Media & Marketing Agencies

SugarSnap is evolving… we’re now offering a service that we believe is unique and if you’re a business that values honesty, openness and integrity, then between us we could add an increased level of value to your customers.

So how does it work?

We’ve worked with a lot of businesses and when it comes to agencies it struck us that what they wanted, from video, was something pretty simple. Their clients are increasingly looking to use video, in it’s many guises and they often don’t want to have to deal with two sets of people; the agency and the production company.

They often expect the agency to be the production company for the duration of the project. They want the making of their film to be simple and straight-forward and they don’t want to get the feeling that they’re paying two sets of people!

SugarSnap offers a specialist video service aimed at the agency business. We’ll work as part of your agency team or deal with the client directly. Whichever ways suits you.

And we’re rigorous about ensuring that your clients stay your clients. We’re passionate about building your relationship with them. In fact, it’s enshrined in a very simple code of practice: your client is always your client. SugarSnap works for you. (Our Pledge).

So what do we do?

In short, we produce programmes but our angle is a little different. We focus on people: getting the best performance from a person – this could be the CEO, a board member, shop floor worker, a customer, presenter, actor or voice over artist. This is where we know we add value. Many can make a video but not everyone can coach a top executive or is brave enough to challenge what they are saying. We can. We are.

There are strong values that underpin our skills in helping businesses communicate… trust, openness and honesty. These are the foundations on which SugarSnap is built. (Our Pledge).

We like to make a difference to you and to your customers, and we do this by what we do and how we do it.

Our pledge to our existing customers

Although we now focus on working direct for agencies, naturally, SugarSnap has some existing loyal customers and we will continue to look after and service their communication needs.